Hunting Grounds Reith/Leithen:

The hunting ground Reith lies next to Seefeld. There one can hunt dears, roebucks and chamois’. There are plenty of lookout towers, easily accessible by foot, ideal for hunters of all ages.

Gams - Seefeld l Tirol


Reh - Seefeld l Tirol

young Deer

Rotwild - Seefeld l Tirol

Red Deer

Reith is a municipality with a population of 1367 (January 1st 2020) in the Innsbruck Land district, state of Tirol, Austria.

The municipality is located in the southern part of the Seefeld Plateau, at the bottom of a peak known as Reither Spitze (2374m). It is linked with the Inn Valley with a road known as “Zirler Berg”, passing by Zirl. The commons of Auland, Gschwandt, Krinz, Leithen and Mühlberg are all part of the municipality of Reith.

The name “Reith” finds its origins in the middle ages, implying activities of deforestation. The extraction of mineral naphtha (rock oil) in the area has been documented since 1350. Production of healing ointments continues to this very day, in the plant of Ichthyolwerk Maximilianshütte.

Reith is a popular tourist destination both in summer and winter. Both Reith and Leithen are stops on the railway line that connects Innsbruck to Munich.

Hunting Grounds: Reith bei Seefeld

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